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Buy the Right Software.

Expert Guidance: We demystify the software selection process.

Strategic Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough analysis to understand your specific software needs.

Comprehensive Support: From evaluating options to negotiating with vendors and overseeing implementation, we provide end-to-end support.

Change Management: We facilitate smooth transitions, address employee concerns, and foster a culture of adaptation and innovation.

Accountability and Follow-through: We ensure vendors uphold their promises, and we remain at your side to address any post-implementation challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Fasilium do?

Fasilium assists organizations in selecting the ideal software and benefits plans for their business through our two divisions, Fasilium Consulting and Fasilium Financial. 

What does Fasilium Consulting do?

At Fasilium Consulting, a division of Fasilium, we understand that software is not just a tool; it is the backbone of efficient business in today’s digital age. Our mission is to empower and guide organizations through the complex process of selecting, purchasing, and implementing the right software solutions.

What does Fasilium Financial do?

At Fasilium Financial, a division of Fasilium, we recognize the critical role benefits play in supporting the health and well-being of employees. Our mission is to empower and guide organizations through the nuanced process of selecting, managing, and optimizing their employee benefits package.  

How is Fasilium different?

We listen to and understand your needs, then act as your advocate in the marketplace. Since we don’t represent a specific product or solution in the employee benefits or software realm, you receive the best fit for the needs you’ve helped us define. Simple, unbiased, expert advice that will help you achieve your goals.

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